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What is RalphGame?

RalphGame is an adventure story video-game where you play as Ralph, a sailor who has to save his friends, stop an evil organization, and have fun doin' it. Travel across the world for answers in beautiful landscapes with accompanying music, and discover engaging mechanics, dozens of unique quests, and a vast array of interactable characters to play the game however you want to. Play the prologue or the combat demo for free, both of which are available on the home page!

-Main Story-

The main story is sectioned into Chapters, with each one taking Ralph across the world in search of his friends. As of December 2022, there are 4 chapters complete, the prologue (which is available to play now for free), and Chapters 1, 2, 3. Each one is around 20-40 minutes long, and some have "open world" sections where the player can explore and buy/sell/trade items, interact with NPCs, and otherwise have fun.


The player has an array of 12 different combat moves to take down an enemy, with a casual player using the most basic three (jab, cross, and block) to defeat enemies. Sometimes this won't be enough, however, and non-story combat sections will never be required, but will need a tested and combat player to defeat the voluntary enemies. Below are some combat moves:



Light but quick, the jab is useful for wearing down the enemy



The cross has a longer windup, but deals very high damage



The headbutt deals high damage quickly, but hurts Ralph



This move throws items that can hurt enemies on contact



Variable damage raises the power depending on the charge amount, with no limit

More info coming soon!

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